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Image - Traffic Safety Equipments and Supplies - Magnumspike Spike Strips
The easy to understand magnum spike off ers police forces a reasonable quality instrument to stop fast pursues securely and quickly inevitably. The simplicity of arrangement of the magnum spike gives control back to law enforcement by permitting officers to quickly bring a risky circumstance under control without going out on a limb.
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Roadshark International Inc
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The 2 ½ inch protected spikes arrive in a collapsible collapsing case that is laid level under the feel worn out on the stationery auto at a check point or in a circumstance where the driver of a vehicle has been ceased for questioning.The take measure twin magnum spikes set under a stationery vehicle's tire empties the Tire if the vehicle moves. The spikes are discharged into the tire from the magnumspike penetrating and emptying the tire, keeping the driver from escaping and starting a rapid pursue. The magnumspike Will absolutely flatten the tires containing and control what could some way or another transform into a possibly hazardous circumstance.

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