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Image - Traffic Safety Equipments and Supplies - Low Profile Traffic Spikes – Tire Shredder
Tire Shredder particularly for the passageway focuses which have danger of vehicle assault or for the ones that have high security necessities. Pressure driven tire Shredder is the most secure framework in the event that there is a danger of vehicle assault notwithstanding the control of vehicle access in high security applications. Despite the fact that the assault is from high tonnage vehicles with high speeds, it's impractical for the vehicle to continue moving more than 25-30 more meters in light of the harm to done to
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Roadshark International Inc
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Product DescriptionHeavy Duty Inground Barrier – LP models LP38 and L
Our Low profile LP model is introduced in the roadway so that the boundary edge is flush with the roadway. The highest point of the Roadshark LP demonstrate coverplate rests 3/8 crawl over the street surface which keeps water from streaming into the Roadshark outline. 
The principle preferred standpoint of our Roadshark LP model is that vehicles can go over at rates of 10 mph or more. Contender's items are evaluated for 5 mph or less. Surface mounted boundaries are like hindrances and oblige vehicles to back off to 5 mph.

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